Miller Et Bertaux Eau De Parfum 100 ml Pimiento

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Pimiento +++ is the sixteenth perfume of Miller and Bertaux. It is part of a new series
of simple writing perfumes, successfully inaugurated in early 2019 with Menta y Menta.
Aromatic infusion? Aromatic cocktail? Aromatic Cologne?
Again, the three names are suitable.

Pimiento +++ is defined as a contrasting Mexican cocktail where the warmth of a chilli/saffron duo hits the freshness of alcohol and ice cubes.

The name of the perfume:
It could be the title of one of those love-serenades that mariachi bands sing from table to table when the Mexican night arises.
However, the fragrance can exist without being associated with a specific place.
pimiento +++ is a fragrance with sensuality without kind.

(Duo pimiento +++ and saffron, clary sage / salvia sclarea, ginger, geranium and black berries, modern woods and crushed ice)

Size: 100 ml
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