Frapin The Orchid Man Edp 100 ml

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The Orchid Man by Frapin is an elegant, sparkling chypre with a bright touch.
This perfume is inspired by boxing and its challenges; mastering the rituals and movements, confronting yourself, while staying elegant in the heat of the moment. Governed by strict rules and respect for the opponent, boxing became a “gentleman’s sport” by the end of the 19th century.

Brand: Frapin
Size: 100 ml
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David Frossard, an expert in the world of boxing, had this in mind when he came up with the idea for a fresh, elegant, powerful and virile perfume. Perfumer Jerome Epinette, whom he had met several years before, worked out the idea and created the Orchid Man:
“First of all I built up the fragrance around an animal leather accord that gives the scent its signature, power, elegance and the iconic aspect of boxing gloves. The patchouli brings hot and humid tones that conjure up the atmosphere in a boxing gym.
I then added a sparkling and energizing freshness with Calabrian bergamot and Madagascar black pepper as a reminder of all the energy used up during a fight.” – Jerome Epinette

Fragrance Notes
Black pepper, Oakmoss, Jasmine, Leather, Patchouli, Bergamot, Amber

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