Frapin Nevermore Edp 100 ml

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Nevermore by Frapin is a peppery woody rose, with a metallic-leathery twist.

Brand: Frapin
Size: 100 ml
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The poet Edgar Allan Poe is sad about all that he loses and keeps repeating the recurring line “never again, nevermore.”

The poem “Nevermore” was written with ink and a raven’s plume. The story goes that every January the 19th, on the poet’s birthday, a mysterious visitor visits Edgar Poe’s grave to lay down 3 roses and a bottle of brandy….

The mystery of this beautiful act, the baroque and gloomy universe, roses and cognac… was Frapin’s inspiration for a new fragrance story.

Quote about Nevermore, from the review of Ca Fleure Bon:
“Nevermore is this obsessive morbid darkness, distilled through two potent roses, (Centifolia and Damask), one cold and glassy, the other swooning and capricious. Strong woody rose accords can often smell frivolous or petrolic in but there is a fermented smokiness to the duo in Nevermore, which is exploited by the tides of amber washing in and over the composition.”

Fragrance Notes
Black pepper, Aldehydes, Cedarwood, Rose, Saffron, Amber

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